Lavender Soap


Lavender Soap - Beautiful, heavenly and relaxing scent from English lavender varieties. This violet tinted soap will relax and soothe away any stress.

Geranium Soap


A truly feminine sensual scent and a strong favourite from the geranium family. Like the very best Rose Water.

Lavender and Chamomile Soap


Lavender & Chamomile Soap proving very popular. The combination of the 2 oils gives a very aromatic,colourful and relaxing soap.

Rosemary Soap


Rosemary handmade Soap is one of our favourite products. A soap for revival after a long day. One of the green collection of soaps, Rosemary was the first essential oil we distilled, producing a very fresh, herbal scent.

Rosemary and Lavender Soap


Rosemary & Lavender Handmade Soap - The combination of oils and colour make this one of the most popular in our range with both men and women. The fresh tang of Rosemary with the delicate floral Lavender.

Chamomile Soap


- A beautiful blue soap, smelling of the St Agnes meadow on a hot summers day, will bring calm and tranquility.

Mint Geranium Soap


Another in the 'green' collection. A beautiful soft mint scent using oils from a big soft leaved geranium.

Lemon Soap


Not a sharp citrus but an unusual musky lemon scent from oils distilled from a plant in the Agastache family.

Agastache Aniseed Soap


If you like aniseed you'll adore this soap and the colour is like a 'Scilly' sea on a calm, sunny, summers day.

Rosemary and Lavender Handwash


Rosemary & Lavender Hand Wash is just a beautiful soap to use, the perfect combination. Leaves hands feeling clean and fresh after use. 250ml bottle with pump dispenser

Lavender Handwash


Beautiful scent of Lavender captured in a cleansing handwash. 250ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

Lavender and Chamomile Shower Gel


Lavender & Chamomile Shower Gel - the aroma is just perfect, reminding one of long, sunny, summer days Lavender is the classic fragrance whilst Chamomile more subtle. 250ml bottle with flip top lid.

Geranium Shower Gel


Geranium Shower Gel - Another beautiful colour with that dreamy and subtle scent of rose geranium. 250ml bottle with flip top lid.

Chamomile and Lavender Hand and Body Lotion


Hand and body lotion with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to calm and sooth the skin. This non-greasy lotion softens, moisturises, nourishes and leaves a gentle aroma on the skin. - 200mls

Geranium and Lavender Moisturiser


An organic moisturiser blended with our own superior handmade Rose Geranium and Lavender Essential oils. Our luxurious moisturiser is perfect for every day, subtle and sensuous. 30mls in a brown glass jar with screw lid.

Rainbow Pack of Soaps


If you ever wanted to give someone a rainbow, this is about as close as you can get! Eight of our beautifully colourful, scented soaps.

4 Floral Soaps


A beautiful combination of 4 floral hand made soaps. A perfect gift from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. Clary Sage+Geranium, Lavender, Rose Geranium & Chamomile.

4 Green and Yellow Soaps


A wonderful combination of 4 green/yellow hand made soaps. Style and beauty in a single gift from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. Lemon, Rosemary & Lavender, Samphire, Rosemary,

4 Unusual Soaps


A unique combination of 4 unusual hand made soaps from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. - Lemon, Clary Sage&Geranium, Samphire, Agastache(aniseed). Vibrant and unique,

Handmade Soaps

St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, has a unique environment, just 28 miles from Cornwall and mainland Britain yet a world away with white sandy beaches and turquoise blue clear sea. The weather is warmer and with less rainfall we have a the perfect environment to growing the flowers and herbs that make up the ingredients of our unique range of handmade soap, hand wash and shower gel, handmade by 28 miles on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly.

The jewel like colours of our handmade soaps suit most colour schemes and will add a touch of class to any bathroom.

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