A musky lemon scent, obtained from a plant of the mint family.

St Agnes Lavender

A wonderfully strong Lavender oil is produced from the types of Lavenders we grow and our honey bees love collecting the nectar from them.

St Agnes Agastache

A member of the mint family, the oil produced has a strong aniseed aroma. Works well as a decongestant.


Rosemary was the first essential oil we distilled, producing a very fresh, herbal scent. Rosemary is a stimulating scent that invigorates the brain.


A heavenly rose scent is produced from the essential oil we distill from this aromatic, ivy leaved, geranium. A very popular scent used in many of our products.

St Agnes Clary Sage

A sharp citrus type aroma which blended with our Rose Geranium makes a unique and refreshing scented soap.

English Chamomile

The unique scent of a summery meadow is instilled with any of our products that contain this pure essential oil.


The golden oil distilled from the Rock Samphire that grows around the shoreline of St Agnes gives this soap a unique herb like scent.
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